Friday, June 10, 2016

Woodland Whispers by Jennifer Grimes

Little ones have lots to say. At LifeWays, we hear some very interesting things from the mouths of babes.  Insightful, brilliant, silly and strange – we hear it all!

Woodland Whispers shared by Miss Jennifer

All in a day's progress at Lifeways are pithy communications, formative wisdom, and profound revelations.  Truly, we are a model community. Recent examples:

One Tuesday last month this exchange happened at the Woodland table.  It passed between two toddlers seated side by side.  With heads close, they watched one another unwaveringly.  In all seriousness they took turns listening to the other.  Each intently nodding whilst taking in the other's words, their satisfaction was most evident.  And not one word of it in English- all of it was total babble!

And from a teary-eyed little one, "I bit my finger and it doesn't feel good!"

“Your sister looks like a flower 'cause she has lots of petals on her dress!”

While filling in the daily attendance log, a caregiver asked the time. The preschooler funneling sand just to his left responded promptly, "Thirty five."

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