Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodness, Beauty and Truth

Goodness, Beauty and Truth
Jaimmie Stugard, LifeWays Caregiver

"If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men marvel and adore...." Ralph Waldo Emerson

A wholesome childhood is filled with beauty and wonder as the world reveals itself to the little one's budding senses. Consider the newborn babe cradled in his mother's arms, as he leaves his birthplace and experiences the Wide World for the very first time. Though he can't see clearly beyond his mother's loving face, surely he begins to have an inkling of the vastness of this new world. The fresh air flows into his lungs as the luminous sun welcomes him to the Wide World. The trees, the shadows, the birds singing, the scent of the lilacs... All new, all beautiful and perfect.
This first outing made quite an impression on me as a new mother. It became quite clear that I would be seeing the world through my child's eyes throughout this new phase in my life. The car exhaust, the big, barking dogs, the fluorescent lights, the smell of the cleaning aisle at the grocer and the neighbor's profane shouting all seemed more offensive than I remembered. Yet, I knew that the baby in my arms could only accept these "offenses" as What Is.
As a parent and caregiver it is of utmost importance to me to show them What Is beauty and truth first. When our children behold the beauty of the world around them and the graciousness of those who care for them, they will come to love their world and humanity itself. They will revere life. As they grow older, they will naturally become more aware of injustices of the world and they will have the capacity and strength to have a positive impact. This strength is rooted in their love of the world that they have experienced as beautiful and good.
The warmth of the blossoming forest after a long winter... Blessing every delicious meal that Miss Monica places upon our beautifully arranged tables... Snoozing in the cozy shelter of our suites as lullabies weave through the sound of the rain falling on the windowpanes... Witnessing the compassion of a toddler (who has struggled to climb up the hill) go back to help a friend and struggle together to conquer "the mountain"... Families coming together for a seasonal festival... These are a few of the experiences of Goodness, Beauty and Truth that nourish us day after day at LifeWays.

With Gratitude,
Miss Jaimmie

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