Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Our winter newsletter theme is "gratitude." It seems an important quality to reflect upon as we leave the holiday season and begin a new year. Rudolf Steiner, whose works inspired the LifeWays model of caring for the child, had this to say about the importance of gratitude:

"An immense enrichment of the soul is achieved through the experience of feeling gratitude. One should see to it that, even in a very young child, a feeling of thankfulness is developed. If one does this, a feeling of gratitude will be transformed into love when the child is older.

In every situation in life, love will be colored through, permeated with gratitude. Even a superficial observation of social life demonstrates that a valuable impulse for the social question can be fostered when we educate people towards a greater feeling of gratitude for what their fellow human beings are doing. For this feeling of gratitude is a bridge from one human soul and heart to another. Without gratitude, this bridge could never be built." - Rudolf Steiner

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