Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seasonal Transformation by Beret Isaacson

As a Tucsonan, the distinctness of the seasons here in Milwaukee is very striking to me. I had the feeling once of wondering if anything would ever be green again. It isn't that I find any of the seasons unpleasant- I love winter and snow so much that snow in April doesn't bother me one bit. It's more that the amount of change and fluctuation is somewhat shocking to me. I remember one time being outside in the dramatically frozen, snowy world and wondering if winter would ever really end, of just having this feeling of amazement that so much change could happen so reliably. There I was, standing there with ice and snow all around in the very spot that not too long ago we'd all been running around in our bathing suits. It's just crazy! In winter I stand at my bedroom window and imagine my window open with the gigantic lilac underneath filling the whole room with its scent. Will it really happen? Yes. 

I think it's the same with children. How fast they grow and change is incredible. Can we trust the process? I think so. As adults, we provide the basics- food, water, shelter, warmth, safety and a loving, benevolent presence. And they thrive. In our overactive culture where we think nature needs so much assistance we can easily be misguided to think children need such interference, as well. At LifeWays we provide the basics and work on doing it really well. There aren't a lot of fancy bells and whistles here. Just organic food, nature and trees, safety and rhythm​, and loving adults providing joyful and attentive care. And the children blossom. Happy Spring!

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