Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Transformational Nature of Becoming by Jane Danner Sustar

Rudolf Steiner describes faithfulness in this way:
Let this be your faithfulness: You will experience moments, fleeting moments, with the other person. The human being will appear to you then as if filled, irradiated, with the archetype of his/her spirit. And then there may be, indeed will be, other moments, long periods of time when human beings are darkened. At such times, you will learn to say to yourself, ‘the spirit makes me strong. I remember the archetype. I saw it once. No illusion, no deception shall rob me of it.’ Always struggle for the image that you saw. This struggle is faithfulness. Striving thus for faithfulness you shall be close to one another as if endowed with the protective powers of angels.
It was not long in to being a mother that I realized that children live this. MY children were faithful to me in all my failings! Every day they expected the best of me no matter the short comings of the day before. The very least I could do for them was strive to be…me!
 I live in the presence of the miraculous every day of my life. As I stand witness to these little ones who are in my care I am constantly stuck by the profound mystery of becoming human. They demand it of me, continually, to become more and more human. It is an amazing task to stand before each and every one of them and struggle to remain faithful to them, to stand witness day by day to the amazing work of becoming.

Thank you.   

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