Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Communication at LifeWays by Amanda Quesnell

            At LifeWays we strive for the children to work out their own problems and frustrations so that they can become more independent. Getting ready to go outside in the winter is always a challenge for the children. They struggle putting on their snow pants, coats, hits, mittens, and boots. Many times the children get frustrated and may start to whine or refuse to get ready, some will give a scream out of frustration. I always tell them “to use their words” they then will kindly ask for a little help, many times the older children like to help others zip their coat, or put on their friend’s scarf.
            Throughout the day a toy will be taken or fought over. Usually when this happens the children may start to cry or scream.  When this happens I usually go over to them and ask them to “use their words” they will then tell me the problem and I will have them go tell their friend what the problem is. More often than not the toy is given back but sometimes the friend will need to be reminded to listen to their friend’s words. It’s always really enjoyable watching two children work out their problems by themselves without an adult interfering. 
            Another great example of communication at LifeWays is at meal times. Sometimes the children are so excited to tell me what they did over the weekend or earlier in the day.  The children get so excited that they all start talking to me at once. I always tell them, “I can only listen to one at a time,” so then we go around the table one-by-one telling a story while the others are eating, listening, and waiting for their turn to come. The children really enjoy doing this and will usually want to keep going around another time. This is always really enjoyable to me because now with the advances of technology, family dinners are not the same as they use to be. I remember when I was younger having family dinners.  For these family dinners the T.V. had to be turned off, and there were no games or phones allowed. It was a time to talk to one another and hear what was going on in everyone’s day. But now when I go to restaurant I look around and see many kids and parents playing on their phone or Ipad, instead of enjoying one another’s company. 
            LifeWays is a great place that teaches children how to communicate with one another, solve their problems, and work out their frustrations.


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