Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Pause Between Listening and Speaking by Tamara Treviranus

It is almost one of my favorite times of year.  When we just begin to feel a twinge of warmth in the air, the light begins to return, and the snow and ice melt.  I really like this time of year because it is when I begin to think of the seeds I am going to plant, of plans for the summer with family, and longer, warmer days. This time of year holds all the promise of what is to come, the time between seasons.  I liken this time of year to the "amrit vela" a sanskrit word referring to the pre-dawn time that holds all the potential for the day.  It is a good time for intention and meditation. It is the time between sleeping and waking.  For that reason, I am also intrigued by the pause, the space between listening, then speaking and the power that that space holds.

Of course, I also love that young children usually do not utilize this space in the same way before something comes out of their mouths.  Except perhaps when they are thinking about how to answer, "Well, how old do you THINK I am?” (This always generates a humorous and sometimes painful response.) Seriously, though, just being present in each of the aspects of listening, and allowing the space between stimulus and response has been helpful during our days with the children.  Pausing for a moment, with presence, before stepping in to impose an adult resolution to something that could be solved by the children. Or carefully listening to each side of a disagreement, so that each child feels heard and then working together to find a solution, models for them a method to use when they are figuring out their own social dilemmas.  

Thank you for all the days with your children.  I have really enjoyed seeing all the cooperative and imaginative play that happens in our suite.   
Blessings to all,

Miss Tammy

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