Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Visit to KinderForest by Amanda Quesnall

A Visit to KinderForest
By Miss Amanda

While Miss Belinda welcomed baby Bea to her suite I got the privilege to teach forest kindergarten last week. The first day we went on a huge hike and found the perfect sledding hill. By the end of the morning the children had learned to take turns, climb up a different spot where others were not sledding down, and to move out of the way once they reached the bottom. The second day we hiked through the forest and found a giant cut down tree. It was so enjoyable to observe their play and watched how it progressed. At first the tree acted as a dungeon with each branch being a different prison. Ian, Arwen, and Zeya were captured while Clayton, Everett, and Silvia were trying to break them free. Then the tree acted as a pirate ship, they collect long sticks and built off of the tree making sails, a deck, and rooms. One of the most enjoyable parts of the day was when Everett struggled lifting a log and then Zeya said “I know, we can do teamwork”, her and a few others then all helped lift and moved the log. I had a great two days with the forest kindergarten crew not only can they get dressed by themselves, they enjoy helping one another, they use their words to solve their own conflicts, and they let their imaginations run wild while allowing everyone to join in their play. They are a great group of children and I enjoyed spending the morning with them.

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