Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mornings in the Woodland Suite by Tamara Treviranus

Mornings in the Woodland Suite
By Miss Tammy

Hello Dear Families,

As the days have become colder, mornings in the Woodland Suite have included a little more indoor play time.  Many of our young friends really look forward to seeing each other and greet each other excitedly by name. There has been a lot of musical play with jingle bells, rain sticks, kalimba and a little drumming on pots and pans.   Other favorites are swaddling baby dolls and playing with cars and trains. We tidy up and then enjoy a warm snack before getting ready for outside play.  All of the children continue to work on taking off their own slippers and putting on their outdoor gear.  With a little help and encouragement, many of them are quite capable! We are lucky to have had a little bit of snow now and the children have pulled each other in sleds and eaten snow.  After some fresh air and hard work getting off our outdoor gear, the children are quite ready for another warm meal and nap. Thank you for sharing your children with us!


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